Life Changing ! After several years of bone-density loss, my bone density has actually increased! My height is no longer shrinking. Working with Barbie has made a real difference.
Anne K
To me, Barbie is much more than a Rehab Pilates instructor. Her knowledge of the body as well as the mind and how they work together, surpasses anything I've learned to date. Her use of imagery helps my "inner eye" connect me with my body and with amazing results! When I am on Barbie's reformer, I can see and feel my progress. I have truly come a long way, thanks to Barbie!
Anne H
I have been climbing indoors and outdoors for the past 3 years but my progress was impeded by reoccurring shoulder problems. I tried different Physiotherapists but as soon as I reach a higher level of difficulty I get injured again. Barbie is addressing my problem by identifying which muscles around the shoulders are weak and why they are not engaging, the exercises are designed to strengthen my back and core using dynamic exercises that lengthen the muscles, providing greater range and addressing posture issues that prevented me from engaging these muscles when climbing.
Sylvie M
After my car accident, I was in tremendous pain. I worked with Barbie doing Rehab Pilates at The Center of Movement, as well as with a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath and massage therapist. When my insurance was reduced I had to make some difficult decisions. Of all these modalities, the one I chose to continue was Pilates Rehab with Barbie, where I got the greatest pain relief and the biggest benefit for my buck.
Karen S
Barbie has helped me strengthen my core support and in the process increased my bladder control and pelvic floor function in general. I can now sleep through the whole night, every night and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Uninterrupted sleep, better balance, reduced pain and increased confidence – amazing results and amazing value!
Cheryl W
Most women experience bone and height loss. But since I started working with Barbie Dukes doing Pilates Rehab, my height has actually increased! Thanks Barbie for helping build up my bone and joint health to insure a healthier more independent and stronger future.
Rebecca K
As an elderly person that met with Barbie after a hip replacement and pelvic fractures, it is a pleasure to know and workout with Barbie. Her sunny and kind disposition makes Pilates easy and fun! I have strengthened my muscles gaining increased balance, mobility and improved posture. I highly recommend training with Barbie to gain these essential qualities and improve you overall health and lifestyle.
Anna K
I wanted to thank you for the help your Pilates class gave me a week ago. When I walked in that morning, my sciatica was excruciating, and I was actually wondering whether I could last through the class. Not only did I last -- I felt 100% better by the time we finished, and was able to walk home without limping. And that improvement lasted through Sunday, when I had to get on a plane (a trip I'd dreaded with the pain running down my leg!). The pain was gone, the trip was a cinch, and I felt fine even sleeping on my sister's guest bed. To me, the Pilates session was actually better than physiotherapy!
Margie R
My increased body and spatial awareness means I can now choose to integrate my core into my everyday life, influencing even how I sit and stand. I very strongly recommend Pilates classes with Barbie!
Joyce E
Drawing from her extensive background in both dance and teaching, Barbie is able to design and implement a workout that addresses the individual goals and unique needs of her students. Using a combination of mat work, specialized equipment such as the arc barrel and fitness circle, I have been able to make major strides in increasing both my endurance and strength training. Recently, I started using the Reformer and my progress has markedly accelerated. The 1 on 1 training really allows for a customized workout, achieving maximum benefit where Barbie is able to give me her undivided attention, while at the same time, placing a high priority on safety and the prevention of injury. I am proud of the great strides I have made and I am pleased with the rate of progress. Barbie is an excellent motivator.
Gale B
Your classes and coaching has been the best thing that’s happened to me in ages. After a long period of chronic pain, I feel great! Who knew that 5 doctors and 2 physiotherapists would not have been able to diagnose much less help my chronic pain, but rather a trained Pilates and dance coach was the right person to go to! My results are pain-free movement, my abs feel great, I feel stronger and healthier and I no longer have to deal with debilitating leg pain. I am active again! Thank you Barbie!
Esther B
Barbie applies her broad knowledge and experience in body mechanics principles with her impressive problem-solving skills to provide lasting and concrete results. Her instructions were always very practical, specific and meaningful. I highly recommend Rehab Pilates classes with Barbie.
Esther K
So often my neck and shoulder muscles felt like they were on fire. By attending Barbie's Rehab Pilates, I've developed new breathing patterns, a better posture, and stronger neck and shoulder muscles. I have recovered better than I have anticipated.
Marlyne A


My daughter was accepted into the National Ballet School because of her outstanding, enrichment training with Barbie! We maximized the efficiency of Alexa’s dance classes by focusing on her specific, individual needs to advance to a level of full time, professional dance training.
Janet K
When Carrie trained with Barbie, we saw immediate results! As a parent, I really appreciate Barbie’s focus on injury prevention and her superlative skills & expertise in this specialized area of dance training. Her unique, kinesthetic approach was like NOTHING we’d ever seen anywhere. We removed all obstacles and limitations by training with Barbie.
Cathy W
Since training with Barbie, the change in Mya’s physical body has been nothing less than absolutely amazing. In her school of Performing Arts there were predictions that my daughter would not be able to catch up in modern or ballet, let alone both, due to surgery on her ankle. Not only has she caught up but she has been singled out repeatedly as the example to follow!! Thank you so much, Barbie. Mya would not be training and performing especially at this level, without your help!
Louise M
As a student in the professional program at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, my daughter was just promoted to level 6! Your Pilates and specific conditioning lessons truly enhance her training and performance and have helped make her advancement possible. Barbie is a specialist and a highly creative individual who gives her all to assist young dancers to realize their potential. She works in a nurturing fashion that truly supports and fosters confidence and trust. I respect Barbie’s knowledge and dedication to supporting students in their pursuit of their passions. She brings out the best in the individual through her extensive knowledge of the physiology of dance and movement and inspires the dancer’s own kinesthetic awareness. I would highly recommend Barbie’s conditioning exercises and techniques to dancers in the realization of their own true potential. She can give them the tools in which to succeed and make their dance dreams come true.
Janet K
Training at The Center of Movement is so different from the usual approach. Barbie is very knowledgeable and she really understands the specialize athletic requirements of the performing arts.
Brook F
Dynamic, Effective and Fluid!
Sylvie M